Our FIRST Season

With our rookie season complete team 5190 would like to take a look back with you. The question is where to start. We prefer to tell the story from the beginning, where 23 guys got together and decided to do something special. These 23 guys were on their way to making their own history, each one providing a special talent and ability that was so important without it we might not be telling you what we have won or what we have experienced. The season started without a single member knowing what to expect and ended with 23 rocket scientists, business experts, marking gurus, and code enthusiasts. Isn’t that the true reward? We think so, but what made it more special was this journey guided each and every one of us on journey to self-discovery. We won and we lost but through it all we realized that what really mattered was each other. Could it get better? Well we won a few awards, went to the national championship, and created a place where a teen can go and find a passion for learning. That’s just the half of it, and if you want to know more you can check out our video “Our FIRST Season” if you already havent.

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